Virtual Activities

Thompson Center on Lourdes has a YouTube Channel!

Check out the following link for videos on technology, line dancing, gentle yoga, orthopedic & spine therapy, and more! We are continuously adding videos each month.

Technology Videos

2/22/21 – Latest Technology Video Provided by James at the Kaukauna Public Library

Beginner Line Dancing

4/16/2021 – “Take a Chance on Me” Beginner Line Dance

Intermediate Line Dancing

4/16/2021 – “In the Jungle” Intermediate Line Dancing

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy

12/11/2020 – Orthopedic and Spine Therapy – HIP Pain

Generations Intergenerational Center Fitness Videos

A BIG Thank You for their partnership!

Fitness Disclaimer Statement: Regular physical activity is fun, healthy and is very safe for most people.  We recommend you see a doctor before beginning any physical exertion and to cease activity if you feel nauseous, short of breath, lightheaded, etc. Your participation is 100% voluntary. Please make sure your space is clear for exercise and that there are no objects in your way.  A good rule of thumb is to clear a space that allows you to walk four steps back and forth and side to side.