Bus Day Trips

New for 2022! The Thompson Center on Lourdes will be offering bus day trips! Our hope is to continue to offer and expand this program for the participants in our community.

These tours are open to anyone 50 plus within the community. TCoL requires updated membership forms on file for any trip. Along with registration forms for each trip you intend to go on.

Please call (920)939-3088 if you have any questions about these tours.

Bus Guidelines

Find below the bus guidelines including refund and cancellation policy.

Each bus trip has its own registration form. Please fill out a form for each trip you intend to go on. You may return your form to TCoL by mail with payment or stop down to the center and drop off payment (cash or check only).

For any questions, reach out to Courtney at (920)939-3088 or by email at courtney@cosenroth