3 thoughts on “Thompson Center on Lourdes to Reopen on July 6th, 2020 With New Safety Measures”

  1. Hi all, Was glad to get the good news!! I’m trying to sign up for chair yoga….but it won’t let me. Could you put my name on the list? Thanks, Mary Huberty


    1. Hello Mary, we are thrilled you’re excited to return to TCoL! However, Chair Yoga isn’t yet being offered as this class is instructed by a YMCA employee and they aren’t yet at full staff. We do have the Gentle Yoga class beginning in July, if that would be of interest to you. Please check out the class advertisement in the July BUZZ and let me know if you have any questions.


    2. Good morning Mary! I wanted to reach out again as we will now be offering Chair Yoga on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, starting Monday, August 3rd. At this time, because there is a max of 10 participants allowed per class, we are only offering participants to make reservations for 1 Chair Yoga class per week. Would you like me to reserve you a spot before they fill up?


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